Monday, 2 September 2013

Marmalade Cat Cafe

A long hungover drive to Reuben's old stomping grounds of Kelowna yielded good weather, beach visits, and senior citizens.  As this was one of Veggie Girl's first visits to the sunny okanagan, Reuben wanted to show off the beauty of the valley.  This started with a beach day in Peachland kayaking and swimming, followed the next morning by a bike ride in East Kelowna through the orchards and vineyards.

After working up an appetite on our orchard velo tour, we had a short time frame to eat before heading to the pool (lots of swimming in the Okanagan eh?)  With Reuben's keen sense of direction, and knowledge of his hometown he suggested the quaint Marmalade Cat Cafe, which has become a local landmark in the Pandosy neighbourhood.

Reuben, being powerless to the combination of chicken and cranberries went for the Oven Roasted Chicken Breast Sandwich (8.25).  This came on your choice of bread with sliced chicken, cranberry sauce, honey mustard, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, peppers, red onion & cheddar cheese.  This also came with a mixed greens salad.  The sandwich was good, but not as flavourful as would've been expected.  Overall, it did hit the spot though, and was a decent value in an area not known for cheap food.

Veggie girl opted for the Grilled Pesto Chicken Panini with Cat Coleslaw (9.25).  This came with oven roasted chicken breast, artichokes, roasted red pepper, monterey jack cheese & pesto mayo.  This was tasty, and savoury, but the portion did not impress.  The value of the sandwich did not seem to extend to the panini. The slaw was simple, yet good, but again was not as much as we expected.  

Overall we would not rush to go back.  The Marmalade Cat Cafe is a really cool place in a nice area, but I feel the forte is on the pastries, snacks and drinks.  I feel that for a better meal I would venture elsewhere, perhaps Soy, or Hector's Casa nearby.  It should be mentioned that we were both very hungry when we arrived, and this may have influenced our opinions of the cafe.

+ Patio is perfect in the Okanagan Summers 
+ Good for a light meal
+ Cozy, and good ambience

- Small portions
- Food was basic, and seemed like a side show

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