Sunday, 20 April 2014

Pear Delicatessen

On our Easter Long Weekend trip to Seattle we took the train to downtown, and were quite hungry after looking for breakfast on Easter Sunday.  Not surprisingly (although at the time to us it was) there wasn't very much open, even in downtown.  We thought our best luck would be around Pike Place, so that is where we headed.

Rather than wait inline at some of the more popular venues (Piroshky Piroshky, or Le Panier) we chose to go somewhere that would fill our food needs quickly.  This lead us to the Pear Delicatessen along Pike Place.  Pear Deli was inside of a shop that had a lot of local foods and drinks, so there was plenty to look at while you waited.

Reuben decided to go with the Salmon Lox on a Pumpernickle Bagel.  This was a satisfying choice as it had plenty of cream cheese, smoked salmon, red onion and capers.  The bagel was also excellent.
Veggie Girl went for the Ham and Cheese Croissant.  The croissant was still soft despite being toasted, and the cheese seemed to be processed.  The flavours were on point, and this was a satisfying choice.

Although this choice came out of desperation it ended up being a good decision, and in my mind was a better option than waiting inline at the tourist traps down the street.

+ Great alternative to the busier restaurants in the area
+ Delicious food
+ Interesting shop
- Not a lot of seating, better for takeout

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