Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Lorenzo in Bellingham

This place is colourful and vibrant just like a being in Mexico. 

The meal started almost instantly with a generous bowl of taco chips, and a tasty red salsa.  The spice level was moderate, as it was meant to please the masses, but overall this is one of our favorite parts of Mexican restaurants in the US.  I wish that they would do this more often in Canada.  We did notice that the server, while very friendly, was overextended with the arrival of large parties.

Tacos de Carnitas (Back)Shredded port marinated and stuffing to to three corn tortillas. 
Reuben ate this so fast. Not sure if it was delicious or he was hungry. I got a taste of it and it was much better than the carnitas Racheras as it was tender with a decent amount of flavour, and ingredients in the make it yourself tacos.  The ingredients included chopped white onions, cilantro and lime wedges.

Carnitas Rancheras (Front)

Sliced sirloin steak cooked with green peppers and onions. Served with guacamole. Decent meal.The steak was on the tougher and drier side. My rice was bland and simply appeared orangey with little seasons. My salad as very simple and very poor quality. I was disappointed in the 'healthier' alternative.

Coronita or (Mexican Bulldog as we call it in Canada) $8.00
Delicious lime maragarita served with an upside-down 7oz bottle of Corona! Should have asked for it slushed. Didn't even taste the beer flavour.

+ large portions 
+ very close to the border
+ good deals

+ Service was meh; didn't refill our chips
+ Average flavours

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